The goal of the Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) is to provide a discussion forum for graduate students undertaking research on climate and climate change in an array of disciplines, including atmospheric, biological, earth and ocean sciences. The format is designed to encourage new climate scientists to become acquainted with the details of diverse areas of climate research and to place their own research in the broader context of the climate science community.

From its beginning in 2006, the GCC has been organized by grad students from the University of Washington. The organizers’ original hope was that the conference would rotate among different institutions. In that spirit, this year the conference is being run by students in the MIT Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate, and will be held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod.

The fifth Graduate Climate Conference will take place from the 28th to the 30th of October, 2011.


You can reach the organizing committee by emailing

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