Q: How are travel grants issued?
A: Travel grants are issued as reimbursements. You must present a receipt of your expenses when you register at the conference, and reimbursements will be processed and issued after the conference is over.

Q: What’s the deal with the Sunday “activities” that we chose in the travel survey?
A: As of now, Sunday afternoon is for you to use as you wish. The activities listed on the logistics page are simply ideas of things you could do. Check back for more information about possible organized activities.

Q: Am I locked in to the transportation option that I chose for Sunday afternoon?
A: Transportation options for Sunday are determined by numbers, to be sure that we can get everyone safely to Boston for their departure times. If you wish to change your travel time, please email Suzi Clark at scclark@mit.edu. Once you’ve received your travel itinerary, we can’t guarantee that we can accommodate changes.

Q: What should the size of my poster be and what should the aspect ratio of my presentation be?
A: The poster boards support any posters smaller than 4’x4′. The projector’s native aspect ratio is 16:10 but other aspect ratios should work fine.